About Us

After being boat owners and avid scuba divers in the United Arab Emirates for many years, we noticed a problem that remained unresolved, there was no quick and easy solution to having underwater surfaces such as boat ramps or hulls cleaned. The only option was to remove it from the water and wait up to a week for it to be cleaned.

This is a time consuming and expensive problem, hence our inspiration to launch our services and make them accessible to every marine enthusiast. No more headaches and stress trying to have your underwater surfaces cleaned.

We have introduced a new system that uses cavitation. What is cavitation you ask? It is a system that uses air bubbles to knock off all those pesky barnacles and marine fouling. A great way to keep your boat hull clean without damaging your anti-fouling and of course, no need to take your boat out of the water. We arrive at your marina and sort everything out for you. This is one of the many services we bring to the table for marine enthusiasts and marina owners. General maintenance for both boats and marinas. For boats this includes engine repairs to electrical problems. Basically, any problem you may be facing our team can handle.

Marina repairs and refurbishments. This includes marina cleaning. Getting rid of all barnacle growth that may be destroying or weakening its structural integrity. Any piles and steel work that may be rusting and losing its color can be either replaced or refurbished depending on our team of professionals written report after a survey is complete.

Marina boat ramps can be cleaned reducing its slime content and the risk of losing a vehicle in the water. No more worry for your clients.

Should you have any boat or items that are underwater our team of professional emergency underwater recovery divers will be able to help.


Smooth Sailing brings grit and stability to the boating community by increasing the efficiency of each vessel.


To provide eco-friendly hull cleaning services to the boating community at a fair price, while increasing the performance of each vessel.