Regular brushing and scraping damages your hull and decreases your anti-fouling longevity. Our system uses high pressure air bubbles, these allow us to clean up to 99% of marine growth off your hull increasing your anti-fouling longevity and completely eradicating any damage that would otherwise be done. NO metal surface touches your hull.

By keeping your boat maintained by us you will average 10 to 15% fuel efficiency increase.

Anywhere and at any time. It does not have to be stationed within a marina. Onshore and offshore cleaning is possible.

Not long at all. Our machine is very efficient and depending on the size of the vessel can be done relatively easily and quickly.

We recommend at-least once a month in the winter months and around twice a month in the summer months. The growth during the summer is greatly increased due to the heat. However, it is completely up to you.

Prop polishing will increase your vessels fuel efficiency by another 5% making a total of up to 15 to 20% more fuel efficient. Your vessel will no longer have trouble planning with added weight.

This varies from vessel to vessel depending on how filthy each one is. However, we keep price in mind and keeping it affordable and our clients happy is our main priority.

Yes, our machine and equipment are capable of both.

Cavitation allows us to get rid of every particle of algae and slime buildup on any surface. The bubbles allow it to get underneath the algae’s surface without just hitting the top. Which a normal pressure washer will do. Ensuring that we get a proper deep clean both above and below the waterline.